Tips for submitting your artwork for printing:

Acceptable Media:
Macintosh Formatted Zip Disk (100 MB Only), 3.5" diskette, FTP site* and CD-ROM.

Adobe Illustrator - Make sure that all fonts are converted to outlines, this Eliminates the need to include fonts and prevents the possibility of an undesired font substitution.  If a graphic is placed in the Illustrator
document make sure to include the original file. Also all graphics must be placed at their final print size. Save all files as Adobe Illustrator EPS.

Adobe Photoshop -Save files as EPS (binary encoding) or TIFF formats. All files must have an effective resolution of 300 dpi (Dots Per Inch) or 400 dpi if the file includes text. Effective resolution is the resolution the file has at its final print size. When the dimensions of a file are increased the resolution decreases and when the dimensions of a file are decreased then the resolution increases. i.e.. If you have a 1" x 1" photo at 300 dpi and then you place it in a document at 2" x 2", the effective resolution of the file is now 150 dpi, which will not print clearly.

Please do not upsample a file. Upsampling is when a low resolution file is saved to a higher resolution without changing the dimensions. This process adds more pixels per inch resulting in a blurry image that will print very poorly.

Bitmapped graphics must be saved at a resolution of 600 to 800 dpi. If the file you are submitting is ready to go to print and requires no clean up, the files must be saved in CMYK for full color images or Grayscale for black & White. Please make sure files are not saved in RGB.

Hard Copies: If submitting a completed file for printing be sure to include a hard copy of the final piece.

Ad Colors: All colors must be CMYK for full color process printing.

Trapping: Trapping must be done prior to ad submission. It is the responsibility of the designer creating the ad to apply the correct trapping settings.

If you have any questions regarding submitting files please submit your question to us and we will be happy to answer them for you.



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